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Eating Disorders Recovery Group

Are you concerned about how much or how little you eat, your feelings toward food, or your eating habits? This group can help you free yourself from self-destructive eating behaviors such as bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive overeating—and replace them with healthier ways to cope with life. The group explores the emotional issues that "feed" disordered eating, and it focuses on self-esteem and self-care. It challenges myths about the "perfect" body, male and female stereotypes, nutrition, and society's pressure to be thin. If you're in individual therapy, this group plus your counseling can be a powerful combination.

Parent workshops: A child's eating disorder affects, and is affected by, the entire family. SPS offers workshops for parents seeking information and support. 

   Eating Disorders Recovery Group

  • Ages: 15–21.
  • Leader: David Hanft, MA, LPC, CGP, SPS psychotherapist. Mr. Hanft has a top reputation in the field of adolescent eating disorders and is sought after for his expertise.
  • Every Saturday,12:00–1:30 pm; weekly attendance is expected.
  • Summit Psychological Services, 482 Springfield Ave., Summit.
  • $85/session; health insurance plans may cover as group psychotherapy.
  • For more information, to schedule a screening interview, and for upcoming dates for parent workshops, call Mr. Hanft, (908) 273-5558 ext 114.
482 Springfield Avenue
P: (908) 273-5558
F: (908) 273-3355
94 Valley Road
P: (973) 857-8857
F: (908) 273-3355

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